Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where it counts: Waffles

Reading labels is something you get good at as a mom and as a mom of a CFer. I’m starting to learn that it comes in handy for some products and not for others.

Take Pepperidge Farm goldfish for example. There is a multigrain cheddar version and a regular cheddar version. The nutrition info is almost exactly the same and there is no added fat with one version over the other. So pat yourself on the back for being a healthy mom of a CFer and go for those multigrain goldfish without a guilt trip.
Where it does count – waffles. Twenty calories and two grams of fat difference between buttermilk and multigrain – see photos below. (A bit more sugar and a little less fiber than I’d like but with CF there are always tradeoffs.) So Lil Guy gets buttermilk and Big Guy gets multigrain. I figure we still have a few years before Big Guy figures complains “L’Eggo My Eggo!”

Buttermilk - 20 more calories, including 2g more of fat

Whole Wheat - Slightly more salt and fiber

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