Friday, May 4, 2012

CF couldn’t have happened to a better…or worse family!

Cystic fibrosis. To say it is easy. But to hear it as a diagnosis for your child is one of the hardest things.
One of the more ironic moments that follows is when the doctors tell you that your child has to stick to a diet with “liberal amounts of fat and sodium.” Salt and buttered applesauce anyone?
On the one hand, before CF happened to our family, we were pretty much following the CF diet already. Let’s be honest, our family looooves take out!
On the other hand, as a mom, I can’t cook. And it’s not so much a “don’t want to” thing. Instead, I appear to have whatever recessive genetic condition causes me to
burn things
                                 turn things into mush
                                                             and break the garbage disposal in the entire process.
Your pulmonary team has probably already directed you to this ONE website for recipes. It’s not too bad, don’t get me wrong. The recipes on there seem good and easy to make.
But if you’re looking for something different, try "Google"ing “high fat high sodium diet.” The search results trend all these wonderful sites telling me how bad salt and butter are for our health. Well thank you Google but your search results are just not relevant.
This blog will be a collection of high-fat, high-sodium and (preferably) lower-carb recipes. We’ll also throw in our recommendations for menu options at fast food restaurants and where you can get more bang for your CF buck when it comes to grocery items.
We would love for members of the CF community to share their recipes and tips too – so please send them in, proper credit will be given on the site!

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