Friday, August 17, 2012

Coconut: Did you know?

While on vacation, found this great article on the benefits of coconut in the local grocery circular. It's attached but thought I would reprint some interesting quotes:

“One tablespoon has more than 13g of saturated fat.”

“In a recent study where athletes drank coconut water after dehydrating workouts, it proved to be an equally effective source of electrolytes like sodium and potassium compared to sports drinks.”

“Coconut oil also offers immune-supporting properties and hearty-healthy benefits. The fat in coconut oil is nearly 50 percent lauric acid, which the body converts into monolaurium, a known  immune fighter that staves off viruses and bacterial infections.”

The article also gives info about how to substitute butter or other oils with coconut oil when cooking (follow the 1 to 1 rule)

Oh, and coconut oil has a shelf life of two years. Excellent news for our house where you always have to check the expiration date of anything you plan to eat.

If anyone has great coconut oil or coconut milk recipes, please share! I'm still stuck with this one.

Finally, here is a great buying resource for coconut oil.


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  1. I use coconut oil in EVERYTHING I bake! You can follow a recipe, or just do what I do and put a 2-3 tbsp dollop in each batch of muffins. I also use coconut oil to make kale chips... delicious!